Riser and Flowline Integrity Monitoring

BMT Riser and Flowline Monitoring Systems measure bending and fatigue to assess degradation on many kinds of subsea risers.

BMT Riser and Flowline Monitoring Systems use remote subsea devices to provide long-term measurements of the buoyancy forces that stabilize the tower, giving the platform operator information on the integrity of the riser.

BMT provides monitoring systems for many types of risers and flowlines, including:

  • Buoyancy Supported Risers (BSRs)
  • Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs)
  • Single Line Offset Risers (SLORs)
  • Free-Standing Hybrid Risers (FSHRs)
  • Multi-Bore Hybrid Risers (MHRs)
  • Oil-Offloading Lines (OOLs)

BMT employs its Subsea Strain Sensor Assembly (SSSA) as a reliable, long-lasting and accurate system for monitoring structural integrity.  The ROV-serviceable SSSA combines the accuracy of BMT’s strain sensor with the convenience and safety of being able to service individual sensors via ROV.